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Language style is a way of expressing thoughts through language that has a certain effect and becomes a characteristic in showing the soul of the author's personality in writing poetry. In the poem “Alkene Distillation”, everyone who reads it gets swept up in feelings of heartbreak. In the poem, it tells the story of separating two hearts in a bond of feelings by using a unique diction, namely a diction that analogizes chemical scientific terms with life. Therefore, the research is focused on the style of language used by Wira Nagara in the poem entitled “Alkene Distillation”. The research method used is structuralism-semiotic analysis. This method is qualitative by describing in a description. The results obtained in the study show that there is the use of several styles of language. The use of the language style includes 1. The association in the poem is the word like a, 2. The metaphor in the poem is the phrase falling in love, 3. The personification in the poem is a moody cloud, my dream expands, he penetrates, and others, 4. Paradoxes in poetry those are regret-happy, sad-understanding, lonely-crowded, and others, 5. The hyperbole in the poem is a statement of loving you breathlessly, falling in love even before God planned Adam and Eve to be sent down to earth, and others, 6. Anaphora in the poem is the phrase how is it possible and at least.


Style of Language, Poetry, Wira Nagara



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