Vidya Arisandi(1*), Budi Rismayadi(2), Asep Darajatul Romli(3)

(1) Universitas Buana Perjuangan Karawang
(2) Universitas Buana Perjuangan Karawang
(3) Universitas Buana Perjuangan Karawang
(*) Corresponding Author


Research on gender has been found in reading comprehension, where it has been explored. However, the literature provides limited empirical evidence to indicate whether males and females show similarities or different attitudes towards it. This analysis investigated male and female attitudes towards reading comprehension and their similarities or differences. The data was under a qualitative approach involving ten students. Five males and five females are taken from the management department. An interview is selected to collect the data. The data revealed that either males or females showed similar reading comprehension attitudes. They offer an unfavourable attitude since the same problem they faced was vocabulary and pronunciation. The differences rely on reading interest in motivation; males have more excellent reasons than females.


Keywords:  Gender, Attitude, Reading Comprehension

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22460/project.v5i3.p598-601

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