Nita Fauziah(1*), Lilis Suryani(2)

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Indonesian people today tend to be happier and more intellectual to combine two or more languages in every sentence and upload them to social media, one of which is the social media Youtube. This study aims to know types of code mixing that is used by beauty vlogger and to find out the dominant code mixing. This research uses descriptive qualitative research and the data were gathered from the videos, then transcribed and analyzed based on Suwito's theory and describes the reasons for using code mixing in a vlog. From three videos, it can be found that there are three code mixing that used by beauty vloggers, they are code mixing of word 82,1%, phrase 14,3% and clause 3,6%. Besides, the most dominant code mixing is word, because it arises as a result of daily habits, to show trends, adapt to situations, and to show their prestige.


Keywords:  Code-Mixing, Linguistic Form, Beauty Vloggers

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